Positive by Luke Dunne

I started this piece three or four times. At one stage I had rambled on for about three pages about how disillusioned I had become with the political system. I mean really, who involved with politics or at least those of us on the side lines taking notice of what is going on are NOT disillusioned with the political system? That disillusionment has over the last eighteen months slowly dissipated not because in that time the system and the sort of people it breeds have become honest or any real positive change has happened. Quite the opposite has happened. My positivity or maybe my diluted disillusionment has been be born out of one small glimmer of hope. Let me try and explain.

I have racked my brains to try and come up with a story that will help get my feelings across. I have tried to get my feelings across by using music not my own music you must understand because I wasn’t blessed with that gift.

I have zero interest in actually joining the political circus. So what can you offer then Luke why should I read on you might be asking yourself? I can think for myself and I absolutely do not care what other people think of me. I am fully aware of what some people think it but thanks to my old man it has not bothered me in years. I don’t want anything for myself I know that’s easy to say but I truly mean it. I am not saint, far from it. I can be selfish, stubborn and lazy as sin sometimes. Thankfully my rather caustic personality is not the reason I am writing today. Thank goodness your thinking just get to the point.

I think the one genuine positive attribute I have assigned to myself is the one human attribute which will allow us to really bring about change. The ability to think for myself. What worries me more than Kenny or Burton or any of the public servants or any of the shady dealings is my belief that the ordinary person on the street is constantly looking for a shepherd to show them the way. I had a discussion at a protest march I attended with a man who I would assign the above attribute to as well as myself and it is refreshing to listen to someone else confirm your worries as reality. He also made me understand that yes it is important to guide and advise if possible but how easily that can become a control mechanism all in its self. So what happens is our revolution or attempt to have our voices heard gets derailed and before you know it you have just substituted one leader for another. A different set of rulers but it’s the same deal; our voices are corralled into an acceptable wave of controlled political nonsense.

That’s why I am determined to keep pushing the 1Yi (one year initiative). I can’t demand people listen to me or take my advice. I would have serious worries if people were looking to me for answers anyway. That’s the beauty of the 1Yi it does not have leaders or a demand that you think a particular way about any of the political figures nor does it demand you to clarify which direction you are. “I’m left wing” “yeah well I’m right wing”. You know what folks I don’t care if you grow wings. Once you have accepted that it is the system which is the root of our problems it makes it so much easier to see the solution. No talk of costing’s or economics or any of that newspeak jargon which is one of the main reasons why so many of us switch off when it comes to politics. It doesn’t resonate with us. They don’t want us to question the system. They have their front men/women who are trotted out like a Christmas Panto to be hissed at and jeered. Hate figures in some parts of our society, acceptable public servants in others. The whole charade is kept up to keeps us all from the truth.

The truth is that we will get no real or lasting change from the system that is in place. The system has become nothing more than a self-serving, self-perpetuating system. Protecting and insulating itself from the society it was designed to serve. We have to be open minded as in to what we will be able to achieve through the accepted political channels. What do they say? if voting changed anything they would make it illegal!

I heard a good quote from an activist in Iceland and it went something like this. Just for a second we look at our politicians as children. We have a room full of children/politicians and a chocolate cake in the room. We tell the children/politicians that they under no circumstances are they to touch the cake. Then we turn on our heels and walk out. How long do you think the cake will last? Yes, me too. Devoured within minutes and on our return we are met with a wide eyed stare. As much as to say, well what did you expect? On the other hand we make the same demand of our children/politicians but because we have final learned from previous mistakes we do not leave those little tear aways to their own devices we stay there with them every step of the way. Do you think we would have a better chance of saving our cake/country? Yes me too.

That’s participatory democracy ladies and gentlemen. Yes we can have a representative system if we so choose but we cannot leave them alone with our chocolate cake. There will be nothing left for our children. Just look at the evidence you don’t even have to delve deep into the history books there are countless things happening every single day that you could point at and say if more peoples opinions where considered that would not be the way things would be done.

Now that the election has been called, make sure to use your vote wisely and make your own demand of the system. Vote only candidates who have signed the 1Yi candidate declaration. Demand 1Yi and protect yourself, your family and the generations who will follow in our footsteps.

It is up to us to be the guardians of our own destiny. A mere sprinkling of crumbs from the aforementioned cake is all the system will ever allow us to have. All of it is ours we just need to take it back.

Luke Dunne