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Please sign the petition in support for our aims to put Citizen Initiatives / People-Initiated Referenda into the Irish Constitution. 

A change in Irish politics is therefore necessary. A rebalancing of political power is required in order to rebuild the people’s shattered confidence in government, which has in the past been all too readily abused by politicians, parties, public servants and lobbyists. 

We believe everyone can help us bring about a change that will benefit us all and future generations. We also believe this is a campaign that fits all. You just need to decide where you fit in. Please show your support and take a second to let us know. 


You support Citizen Initiatives and the One Year Initiative process to put Citizen Initiatives into the Irish Constitution.


You will recommend and encourage others to look into Citizen Initiatives and the benefits of Citizen Initiatives as a feasible way forward. 


You will make it happen. You can commit to volunteering some of your time, energy and skills to build awareness of Citizen Initiatives. This can be done by helping organise meetings and discussions about Citizen Initiatives, contacting local TDs and public groups. You will also have a vital role in the decision-making of the campaign.


You can help others to become aware of the campaign by using the Citizen Initiatives twibbon on your profile picture. To do so, just use the link below. 

USE THE LOGO - It's Yours

The One Year Initiative is a process to put Citizen Initiatives into the Irish Constitution does not belong to anyone. It is simply a process that is receiving public and cross-political support to provide citizens with a constitutional process to petition and trigger a referendum. If you support this goal, please feel free to use the logo on your social media pages or email or perhaps you'd like to print it on a badge or a tee-shirt or sweater. We have attached the logo in different formats to choose from. If you'd like a different format, just send us an email and let us know.


We believe there is one opportunity to influence Irish politics and begin changing the political system. We are asking you to support this campaign and use the One Year Initiative process to implement change. If you have any enquires about the One Year Initiative campaign, please feel free to email us at: 1yiireland@gmail.com

Donations to help us build public awareness of the initiative are not accepted at this time. Everyone directly involved in actively supporting the initiative do so on a voluntary basis. We may accept donations at some point in the future to go directly towards producing and distributing information.

ps: Don't forget to check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/1yi.ie